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  • Contingency fees
  • Litigation expenses advanced
  • Sensitivity towards our clients requests
  • Commitment and dedication in representation
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A firm's reputation in the legal field is based on a successful resolution in your representation.  We strive to take care of our clients during a traumatic time. That includes offering free consultations and contingency fees.

*** No Fee if No Recovery in Personal Injury Cases ***

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Over 30 years of effective practice, dedicated to serving the people of West Virginia.  Making sure that you are able to get exactly what legal help you need and deserve. 

Mark D. Moreland, Esq., Serious Injury Attorney

An experienced attorney to meet your needs. When you experience a serious injury, your life will change.  Are you worried about the future well being of your family?  With more than 30 years of personal experience litigating on clients' behalf, allow us to help you focus on your life, instead of finding yourself overwhelmed with a lawsuit.  Find out how our services can help you and your family get on the path to physical and mental recovery.


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